ROBOTICS Training Center in Chennai

‘Robotics’ is actually the branch of mechanical, electrical and computer science dealing with design, construction, operation and application of robots. Computer systems control them and also aid in sensing and providing feedback apart from information processing. Robots have certain level of computer programming codes. In fact the programming only determines how a robot decides – when or how to do something. Programs are the core area of a robot. Programming could make or mar a robot’s performance. Robotic programs are of 3 types Remote Control, Artificial intelligence and hybrid. Both Artificial intelligence and the remote control ones need computer programming.

Wiztech Automation, Anna Nagar, trains its students to provide a detailed understanding about Robotics and the programming integrated for their operation. The embedded systems which actually operate to make the robotics to work as per the programming could be well understood during Robotics training at Wiztech. The students of Wiztech are trained from the very basic level of robotic systems to its comprehensive level. Wiztech has earned the name of repute for the embedded system training in Chennai. Robotics is an area which requires focused learning. Wiztech Automation can provide Robotics focused embedded system training that the students look for.

Robotics Course Details:

1. D.C. motor
2. Stepper motor
3. D.C. Servo motor
4. A.C. Servo motor
1. Pneumatic 2. Hydraulic
3. Mechanical
4. Electrical
5. Drives vs. Effectors
1. Pneumatic
2. Hydraulic
3. Mechanical
4. Magnetic
5. Vacuum
6. Fingered